EL storage - Support and Documentation

On-premises storage solutions in companies can cause increasingly higher maintenance and hardware costs. At EBERTLANG, we offer you 100% S3-compatible storage with EL storage, which is up to 80% cheaper than other providers, works together with common backup solutions such as Altaro and BackupAssist, and is available from as little as 1TB. The technology behind is based on Wasabi.

Billing is on a flat rate basis and without charges for uploads or downloads, which can quickly become a cost trap. The transferred data is secured in a GDPR-compliant data center and can be used for a variety of business requirements such as backups, archiving and central data storage.

You and your customers can benefit from the S3-compatible cloud storage - at one-fifth the price of other storage providers, ready to use and with no download fees!

The documentation and an extensive knowledge base can be found directly at the technology provider Wasabi. You can reach EBERTLANG support at support@ebertlang.com.

Further information on EL storage: