What happens if a user loses the two-factor authentication for the control panel?

EBERTLANG support and you as a reseller have the option to switch off the two-factor authentication for a user. This deletes the existing recovery codes and the private key.  

To deactivate the two-factor authentication, select the affected user and its setting in the "Users" section. Then, in the "Two-factor Authentication" section, you have the option to disable it for the user. To do this, enter your control panel password when prompted for a password input.
The affected user can then log in with just the password and no second factor to set up authentication again.

The EL Control Panel makes working with EBERTLANG's cloud products a breeze. You manage all customers and services via one interface and make changes in just a few steps. Comprehensive reports and statistics also give you a quick overview of storage utilization and revenues.