Is the EL Control Panel hoster's data center certified?

Yes. The multiple redundant data center infrastructure forms the basis for the secure operation of our services and those of our customers. It is therefore very important to us to also provide special protection for these systems. For this reason, we have set the bar particularly high for our requirements when it comes to data center security and the availability and integrity of your data.

Data loss, malfunction, theft or operational espionage pose a growing threat not only to us, but also to our customers and their partners.

To cement confidence in this area for you, all data centers used are ISO 27001 certified.

The ISO 27001 standard not only covers IT security in general, but also includes personnel issues and legal matters in the certification.

In summary:
  • ISO-certified data centers in Germany
  • Designed for complete redundancy
  • 20 years of data center experience

The EL Control Panel makes working with EBERTLANG's cloud products a breeze. You manage all customers and services via one interface and make changes in just a few steps. Comprehensive reports and statistics also give you a quick overview of storage utilization and revenues.