EL storage: create new users in Wasabi Console and assign policies

With EL storage, we offer you a scalable and cost effective S3-compatible cloud storage, based on Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage technology. 
In our helpdesk articles, we show you how to administer EL storage via Wasabi console.

To allow other people access to the cloud storage, you can create so-called sub-users in the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage web console. You can assign specific policies to these users directly or through a group. If you don't have access yet, you can first request a free trial for Wasabi here.

To begin, you will need to log in to the Wasabi Web Console with your root account. Then navigate to the "Users" tab in the left navigation bar.

Here you can now create a new user via the "Create user" button. In the following window, you have to give the user a name and decide whether he should have access to the web console or only be allowed to access the storage using software. If you have checked "Console", you must assign a password to the user.

Under "Groups" you can assign the user directly to a group. This is optional and does not have to be filled in. The user can receive a policy directly from a group, for example.

With policies you define the rights of the user. 

Finally, you can now check your configuration. If everything is according to your wishes, you can add the user to your Wasabi account with "Create user".