Using EL storage as a backup destination for QNAP NAS devices

With EL storage, we offer you a scalable and cost effective S3-compatible cloud storage, based on Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage technology.
In our helpdesk articles we show you how to administer EL storage via Wasabi console.

You can use various tools to configure your QNAP device with EL storage as a backup destination. However, first you need to create a Wasabi account and access keys for authentication.

You can request a test account for EL storage here. Once you fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

After creating the account, you will need to create an Access Key pair in your Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage web console. To do this, log in to the web console with your account and click on "Access Key" in the Left Menu column.
Now follow these steps:


2. Select one of the users for whom the key pair should be created

3. Save the access keys safely or download the CSV file

This key pair will be used to access your Wasabi Cloud Storage and will serve as authentication.

Now you need to create a bucket where you want to write the backup. To do this, select "Buckets" from the menu ribbon. You can now create a new bucket via the "CREATE BUCKET" button.

Next, you need to assign a unique name to your bucket and select your region (eu-central-1). If you have already created a bucket, you can apply the settings of the already created bucket to the new bucket via the "Quick Setup" function.

Now determine whether you want to enable "Bucket versioning" and/or "Bucket logging".

  • Bucket versioning allows you to recall and restore older states of a file in a bucket. This increases the amount of storage
  • Bucket logging creates a text file within the bucket that documents all accesses

Finally, check your configuration and create the bucket via the "CREATE BUCKET" button.

For the following backup solutions you will find the appropriate setup instructions in the manufacturer documentation:

  1. Hybrid Backup Sync (HBS3)
  2. HybridMount
  3. VJBOD Cloud

For more information on using QNAP devices in conjunction with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, click here.