What is the audit log in the control panel all about?

An overview of the events stored in the audit log can be found in the manual. 

Basically, it can be said that user activities within the Control Panel are logged there in detail.

  • Login / Logout
  • Creation of customers
  • Creation of CP users
  • Editing of master data
  • Modification of sales prices
  • Creation of instances
  • Access to the instance
  • Stopping/starting the instance
  • Password changes
  • Activation 2FA

The following information is stored for each entry:
  • Date with time
  • The component in which the event occurred
  • The name of the event
  • The executing company

Furthermore, it is possible to open the detailed view for each entry.

The EL Control Panel makes working with EBERTLANG's cloud products a breeze. You manage all customers and services via one interface and make changes in just a few steps. Comprehensive reports and statistics also give you a quick overview of storage utilization and sales.